Porter Kitty


We interrupt your regularly scheduled farm programming to bring you a crazy cat lady post.

I have become positively smitten with my kitten.

I've never had a cat before, but always wanted one. Due to allergies and a feline-intolerant dog, an inside cat was never in my future. When we moved to our new place and discovered this handsome little beast was included, we couldn't have been happier.


We named him Porter (aka Porter Kitty, aka PK) and he has become a dear friend. At first we thought he wasn't a very good mouser, but he has proved us wrong over the past several weeks.


Knowing little about cats, I didn't realize that when they find a mouse, they eat them pretty quickly (leaving no remains) so I think at first I just wasn't seeing his kills.


Then one day when we were cleaning up an old wood pile and he caught a few mice and we praised him for it. Well, ever since then, he seems a lot more keen on bringing / showing us his prizes. In fact yesterday, I was in my office working when I heard the most pitiful of meows. I looked out the window and there was Porter staring back at me with a fat mouse in his mouth.


Besides mousing, other likes include: perching precariously on things, friendship, helping with chores, begging for food, sunning and kneading. Dislikes include: rain, little white dogs and loud noises from the bobcat or DR mower.


So that's Porter! He's a funny little guy but we love him =)